Monday, September 04, 2006

Thespis Journal: Celebrating One Year

Exactly one year ago today, September 5, 2005, I wrote this post to begin the adventure known as Thespis Journal. The mainstream media outlets were in various stages of hystronics over Hurricane Katrina. The coverage of the aftermath of Katrina was abhorent and absurd. I had been thinking of starting a blog for a long time. I was irate, and looking for an outlet. My best friend, Kevin, and my brother, Kevin had encouraged me for a long time to find a forum for my writing, and begin sharing my own brand of punditry.

Although this is the one year blogiversary, I have only blogged for eight months. I did not blog at all during February, March, April, and May due to work demands. I did not blog regularly in June either. I now have 305 posts on the blog, and I am ramping up to unveil Thespis Journal 2.0. Opening night for the new blog should be in the next few weeks.

Thespis Journal has had in excess of 20,000 unique visitors, and over 40,000 page loads. This is very small time in the world of blogging, but I am satisfied that someone is reading our material.

Special Thanks to the following blogs for being loyal friends and throughout the first year.

George at Stuck on Stupid
All our friends at TMH's Bacon Bits
Seth at Hard Astarboard
Gull at Perish The Thought
Bryan of Hot Air and the JunkYard Blog
Ian at Hot Air
Our friends the EdWonks
Scott at Get on the Bus
Basil at Basil's Blog
Jay at Stop The ACLU

This is the 100th post on Thespis Journal. It has some interesting information from November, 2005.

Please leave a comment today to help celebrate this milestone. Here's looking forward to another great year, or in our case, another great eight months of writing during a 12 month period!

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