Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jimmy Carter Quacks Again

There should be a sunset clause on the publication of comments by former Presidents who embarrass the nation. Depending on the failure rate of a presidency, or after a couple of dozen royal screw-ups, the former President should have no forum from which to spout his folly. When Ronald Reagan skunked Jimmy Carter in November, 1980, the nation breathed collective sigh of relief as we believed we were finished being lectured by the king of malaise. Jimmy Carter, the person whose method of fighting the cold war was to tell the communists that we would not attend the Olympics, the man who perfected the misery index, and the real accident of the Watergate history should be exposed for his sheer silliness.

The public is weary of hearing from the mainstream elite press that Jimmy Carter is the best former President in our nation’s history. Jimmy Carter is more dangerous now than when he was in The White House. While in the White House he had advisors who could partially protect him from his own stupidity. Along with many other Americans, I am ashamed of Jimmy Carter, and the efforts of a complicit liberal press to rehabilitate Mr. Carter will not be successful.

Mr. Carter has opened his mouth again, and while he is bashing President Bush, Carter succeeds in embarrassing himself and has given aid and comfort to the enemy once again. There has been a long standing policy that Former Presidents provide their critiques of current policies in private. Mr. Carter has never accommodated this unwritten rule. Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter have always the lacked the class, wisdom, wisdom, good judgment, and dignity to lead our nation in any meaningful manner. The following are three of the ludicrous points made by Mr. Carter.

• President Bush has pursued an "erroneous policy" that has fostered violence in the Middle East, said former President Jimmy Carter, who brokered the historic Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt. "In my opinion, maybe the worst ally Israel has had in Washington has been the George W. Bush administration, which hasn't worked to bring a permanent peace to Israel," Carter said Friday during a stop in West Michigan.

• "It depends on whether world opinion is strong enough to get the administration to change its erroneous policy, which has been to encourage the continuation of attacks on both sides."

• "In my opinion, we should make every effort now to withdraw American troops from Iraq," he said. "I would say certainly begin a major withdrawal no later than the end of this year."

The guys at Powerline have extensive research on the disastrous former presidency of Jimmy Carter. They state the ideas extremely well, and provide a compelling indictment of Mr. Carter’s worth as a statesman in the post September 11 political climate.

Jimmy Carter is a disgrace. We've said so before, and we'll continue saying so as long as he merits the criticism. If you want to learn more, read Steven Hayward's book The Real Jimmy Carter. Carter panted after the Nobe Peace Prize for years, seeing it as a means of gaining official redemption for his humiliation at the hands of the voters in 1980. He lobbied quietly behind the scenes for years to get the prize, and finally met with success in 2002 when the left-wing Nobel Prize committee saw an opportunity to use Carter as a way of attacking President Bush and embarrassing the United States. The head of the Nobel Prize committee openly admitted that this was their motivation in selecting Carter. Any other ex-president would have refused to be a part of such an obvious anti-American intrigue, but not Jimmy. Here we should observe that Carter conceives himself much more as a citizen of the world than as a citizen of the United States, and I think it is highly revealing that Carter is most popular overseas in those nations that hate America the most, such as Syria, where they lined the streets cheering for Carter when he visited.

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OH MR. PEANUT(cartrer), you finally found your place in life? COMPLAIN, about everyone but yourself. Look at what you did to the US. Your changes were the cause of some of the problems we have now. That's why you were sent back to grow peanuts in Georgia. SHUT UP and eat your peanuts!