Friday, July 07, 2006

Joe Lieberman Keeps on Giving

There is a fascinating political primary race going on in Connecticut for the US Senate seat currently held by Joe Lieberman, and Lieberman seems to be the gift that keeps on giving for Republicans looking to change the subject. This primary battle is rich in political drama as the democrats play out all of their frustrations on the stage in Connecticut. For those of you who may have missed it, Senator Lieberman announced this week that he would run as an independent should he happen to lose the democrat primary.

Just like their multiplicity of tortured views on the Iraqi War, the National Democrats have no well matched unison on all things Lieberman, and appear to be in total chaos as the mid-term elections grow near. Hilary Clinton and John Kerry have typically nuanced positions in this primary race scheduled for August 8. Hilary supports old Joe now, but will support Ned Lamont if he wins the democrat primary. Kerry says he doesn’t get involved in primary races, but has actively selected and supported candidates in primaries in the past. In other words, Kerry voted for Joe before he voted against him.

On Hardball tonight, Bob Schrum, the master of failed democrat presidential campaigns, made a great case for Ned Lamont when Schrum should know that Lieberman will still be in the senate either as an independent or as a democrat in January, 2007. Schrum is a true northeastern liberal, and fights the fight as a liberal, constantly dispensing poor advice and erroneous commentary regardless of the impact of his words.

Although the gap between Lieberman and LaMont has narrowed greatly, Lieberman is still ahead by twenty-five percentage points in the latest Quinnipiac poll. We at Thespis Journal are no great admirers of Joe Lieberman, however, he represents a great gift to the conservatives in his current ability to pit liberal against liberal in a much publicized senate race that is getting more and more attention each day. Should Ned LaMont upset Lieberman on election day, the democrat party will be moved further towards the extremist base on the left and the plotline will produce a new round of stories bound to benefit the Republicans this Fall.

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