Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dan Rather and Ted Koppel: "Old School Journalists"

These two will have to be considered for idiot of the week, and definately for the carnival of the insansities. First of all, Dan Rather is out there in the mainstream media trying to rehabilitate his damaged career, and now Ted Koppel rallies to his defense and declares himself and Rather to be "old school." Rather and Koppel just dont' get it!

If old school means bias, slant, rant, socialist, communist, leftist, low-ratings kings, Koppel is right. When the Iranians took hostages in Novemebr 1979, Koppel seemed so genuine, and his legendary nightline broadcasts of 1979-1981 so patriotic and American. These broadcasts were truly a public service.

Too bad Koppel became an unhinged bomb-thrower and champion of the esoteric, eltisit school of thought so popular in Manhattan and throughout the North East.

Read the entire article. It's just more from the liberal bubble of unreality.

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