Saturday, January 21, 2006

Thespis Journal Presents Posts of the Week

What a week! Moon-Bat Monday (Aka Martin Luther King Day, 2006) provided an unlimted number of posts and columns from which to select. We hope you enjoy all of the wonderful reading. Use this reading list to accompany your Sunday brunch and all of your weekend reading. We welcome suggestions for Post of the Week. Please email The editors and staff writers put a lot of items on the table this week for consideration.

Without any further delay:

10. Another Reason to Celebrate: By Doug at Below The Beltway

Doug offers us the history of the Reagan Presidency and the impact of Ronald Reagan on American life and culture still today. This is a marvelous and quick read.

9. This Day in History: By John Noonan at The Officers Club

John Noonan provides with a terrific summary of the watershed historical moment of January 20, 1981. This momentous day is commemorated in a wonderful piece at a beautiful web log.

8. Christie Vs. Sharpton on Hardball: By Ms. Underestimated

Using her fabulous new web site as a foundation, Ms. Underestimated highlights the latest shenanigans on Chris Matthew’s “Softball.” Ron Christie, former Bush advisor, faced off against the liberal freak, Al Sharpton to discuss all the events of Moonbat Monday (AKA Martin Luther King Day, 2006). Ms. Underestimated’s video and highlight are one of the greatest analysis pieces of everything that went wrong for the democrats this past Monday.

7. Nagin Gets Medieval: By Bryan Preston at Junk Yard Blog

Bryan expounds on the entire Ray Nagin debacle of calling for New Orleans to be a “chocolate city,” and Nagin’s statement that God is “mad at America.” Bryan is wonderful as always.

6. A Case of Techno-Cluelessness: By Scott Elliot at Get on The Bus

Scott Elliot of the Dayton Daily News “busts out” NEA President Reg Weaver for his lack of Internet savvy. This is a major issue for a union representing over 2.5 million education employees. If Scott is correct, the NEA Executive Officers and Staff need to address this issue immediately.

5. People Don’t Want 50-50 Leadership: By The Anchoress

The Anchoress has a long quotation from another article, but she highlighted a very important story in Ohio and national politics. Her entire site is always worth visiting.

4. Malkin Calls Out Tin Foil Hat Wearers: at Right Winged
In this compilation of other posts with original commentary, the author at Right Winged combines photo shop humor with statements of Walter Cronkite, Jack Cafferty, and Dan Rather. It is truly hilarious!

3. Matthews Lies About Laura Bush Saying, “God Wants New Orleans Rebuilt”:

By Ian Schwartz at the Political Teen
I sometimes think that Ian should subtitle his spectacular Blog “Hard-Blogger: the Truth Uncovered” for his dogged coverage of Chris Matthews foolishness.” Thanks Ian for setting Chris straight again. “Hardball” has more gaffes than any other cable news program every week!

2. In Full Retreat: Liberals Charge Rearward, By DL at TMH Bacon Bits

DL makes a great case against the liberals: “One of the great benefits of teaching elementary school is that it truly prepares you to understand the mindset of the liberal. There is hardly a move they make that hasn’t been tried daily throughout the country, in one or another elementary school by some kid, trying to deceive a teacher.
For decades Democrats have imposed their political will through judicialfiat (Roe v. Wade) and they have for years successfully defied anyone to challenge their rights to do so. Not any longer!"

1. Ronald Reagan: A Personal Reflection: By Pat Santy at Dr. Sanity
A wonderful personal memory from Pat Santy regarding her encounter with President Ronald Reagan at the time of the Challenger Disaster in January, 1986. Dr. Santy is wonderfully forthcoming and genuine in this article. This keeps Dr. Sanity at the top of our list!

Other wonderful posts and columns of note and interest:

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On Ripping The Universe a New One: at Perish The Thought
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Reagan Revolution Weekend Trackbacks at Stop The ACLU
“Why We Need A Border Wall” by The Sensible Mom
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