Friday, December 30, 2005

Thespis Journal Awards Blogs of the Year

It is time for us, the staff writers at Thespis Journal, to honor the top blogs to be found around the internet and in the blogosphere. Each of these bloggers have inspired us to do better work, and to continue to write and express those ideas which often go unarticulated in the mainstream media. We at Thespis Journal saltue these expert bloggers, and we hope someday to achieve the status of these distinguished professionals.

10. I really enjoy the extensive blogging at The Gateway Pundit. I don't know how people have the time to keep up with the volume of work represented on this site.

9. Outside the Beltway provides meticulously detailed coverage of a wide variety of political topics. This is worth a daily read, and was excellent on a few stories this year.

8. The detailed articles and commentary from Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters is first rate. There are unusual insights and thought-provoking artiles almost every day. There is always a lot going on at CQ.

7. The men at Powerline provide fabulous insights and top tier writing on a host of topics. This is a daily read, and almost no one can keep up with their volume of material.

6. The people at Stop the ACLU are great blogging friends, and professional bloggers. They allow us to trackback so many of our stories, and they have unique and unmatched coverage of the foolish ACLU. Thank you to everyone at Stop the ACLU!

5. The Mudville Gazette came to my attention just as I started blogging during the Katrina fiasco! The amount of coverage and the variety of topics covered is wonderful. The lay-out and design of this blog is also magnificient! WOW!

4. Michelle Malkin's blog was the first contact that I had with anyone's blog during the 2004 Presidential Election. When she wrote about her horrid experience with Chris Matthews, I knew that we were of a like mind. Michelle's extensive blog is nothing short of amazing!

3. Dr. Sanity: Dr. Pat Santy is marvelous! Her carnival of the insanities is hilarious and newsworty! Her phsychological perspective is so needed in the blogosphere. She is relentless in pursuing the Islamo-fascits, and unyielding in her common sense conservative perspective-and she does all of this while working and residing in ultra-liberal "Athens of the midwest," Ann Arbor, Michigan. Way to go Dr. Pat!

2. Bryan Preston at the Junk Yard Blog had amazing coverage of the Katrina mess. He kep the politicains honest, and I think that he kept the cable news channels, and therefore, all of the mainstream media on their toes! Bryan is also wonderful when he substitutes for Michelle Malkin. Michelle, Bryan, and Betsy Newmark should consider a consolidated group blog-they are all wonderful!

1. The Political Teen: Ian Schwartz: Ian has many videos of news and other happenings that are so easy for us to miss. Ian always has fabulous coverage with a little commentary. He has also assisted me personally on a couple of occaisions. His wonderful site, that he says is about to undergo some major changes, is a daily must read. Ian's ability to sense and replay the top stories of the day is wonderful. I think that Michelle Malkin would be lost without Ian.


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Dr. Sanity said...

Thanks for listing me! I'm very honored. Happy New Year to you and all your readers.

John said...

Don't be sad, I added you in there now. :)

George said...

I just discovered your blog. I will add you to my blogroll if you don't mind.

Gull said...

Very nice job! Congratulations from the folks at Perish the Thought! Consider yourself listed!

Ms. Underestimated said...

Thank you to Thespis Journal. I am honored to be recognized by you. I will also post a link to your site on my blog. Looking forward to working in concert with ALL of the conservative bloggers in the upcoming battles we have with Alito, DeLay, '06 elections, and especially the '08 elections!

Ms. Underestimated