Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ten Stupid Things Said by Liberals-In Just Three Days!

Have you noticed that it has been a remarkable week already? The democrats have left me speechless. It is only Wednesday (Tuesday night, December 6 as I write this post) and the democrats and liberals have had quite a stupid week already! WOW! They exhaust me with their snobbery, theoretical intellectual superiority, and inclination to hold forth on a range of topics from Iraq to Governor Blanco, and from Cindy Sheehan to John Kerry. This special edition of a Sunday link fest on Wednesday is my tribute to the amazingly stupid things that liberals can say in the course of just two days.

On the CNN Program The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, Ramsey Clark, Jimmy Carter’s Attorney General stated that President Bush should be impeached for the “high crime and misdemeanor” of leading an illegal war of aggression. Mr. Clark described Saddaam Hussein as calm and reflective, and reported to Wolf that Saddam is much the same person as when Clark tried to appease Saddaam prior to the 1991 Gulf War.

Unfortunately for everyone, Jack Murtha is still a daily blowhard in the news media sharing his inane view of an immediate redeployment (also understood as an immediate withdraw in the real world) of troops. While Murtha sounds off trying to explain away his debacle of two weeks ago (the one voted down by over 400 votes in the House) even Katie Couric is having difficulty understanding Mr. Murtha’s position.

We knew we could depend on Howard Dean to keep the fringe leftists in the public eye when he became the chief national spokesperson for the democrat party. On Monday, Dean said, "The idea that the United States is going to win the war in Iraq is just plain wrong.” A Firestorm of criticism was set off in the media, and one could just see the crowd from MoveOn.org applauding with a standing ovation.

Also, read Michelle Malkin, Powerline, and the great Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters.

Several witnesses before the House Committee, which is investigating the response of the federal government to the Katrina Disaster, stated that they saw and heard the bombs that blew up the levies in New Orleans. Yes, these statements full of elaborate descriptions were really made in the halls of our congress, and given the credibility and standing that is inherent in testimony given before the United States congress.

John Kerry kicked off the week commenting that our soldiers are terrorists, and that this terrorism should be “done by Iraqis.” I am thankful for the coverage by Bryan Preston at JunkYard Blog, and to Rush Limbaugh for placing Senator Kerry’s comments in perspective. It was also refreshing to see John O’Neill back on Fox News again exposing Senator Kerry’s hypocrisy on all military matters.

Cindy Sheehan was given time on the Blitzer show today too. She calls President Bush “George” and sides with Murtha’s position which she calls an immediate withdrawal of troops.

It is great that we have Governor Blanco to kick around still. As more evidence comes to light about her total lack of competence, she reveals herself to be the most stuck on stupid person in the democrat party. Once again, Bryan Preston has not to be missed coverage of this issue. Bryan summarizes the matter in this manner, “Blanco was more concerned with appearance than facts; it was obvious as the disaster progressed that Blanco was not in fact in charge of any response. She encouraged looting and stood in the way of needed aid to those stranded in New Orleans. Taken together, she knew she had failed and therefore sought to spin the disaster back on Bush to deflect the political fallout from herself. Blanco lied, people died.” Bryan goes on with his strongest statement to date implicating Blanco in her own unmitigated disaster.
“The more I think about this, the more of a smoking gun I think it is. Blanco had her top personnel working not on storm relief, but on political relief. Rather than working strategies to get food and transportation lined up, they were lining up an air war against President Bush. Her actions are beyond criminal, and her decisions are beyond appalling. What we see in the Blanco communications is an attitude in which saving herself from political fallout took precedence over saving stranded people from floodwaters.
Now that we know this, it’s incumbent on all bloggers who have spent any time on Katrina to talk about this. The press will let Blanco off the hook if we let them. If she gets away with politicizing Katrina, she may be getting away with negligent homicide. At the very least, she’ll be getting away with a grotesque lie that has massively distorted the American people’s view of the storm and its aftermath. Her lie may well have profound consequences on the way we respond to storms in the future.”

The anti-war left has a great strategy: hound Hillary Clinton until she joins their non-stop effort to end the war

Lowell Weicker, erstwhile former Governor of Connecticut wants to see Joe Lieberman face a challenge in his upcoming 2006 race for re-election to the senate. Here’s the precise stupid thing said by Weicker, “"I have seen this country propagandized into war," said Weicker, a Republican-turned-independent. "It's now a second wave of propagandizing, with the president taking the stump, joined by persons like Senator Joe Lieberman." Weicker seems to imply that treasonous, partisan remarks are more important than the strong military position of the United States. "The nation does not need a Democrat to second the president's policy." I guess Weicker is right, it is too much to expect the politicians to unite when the nation is at war.

Although it is difficult to select a winner, Bob Beckel, who managed the forty-nine state loss by Walter Mondale in 1984, has this amazing quote, “I don't know any democrat that called George Bush a liar.” Obviously Beckel needs a refresher.

If this is any indication, this weekend’s Sunday Link Fest, should I get the time to produce that post, should be a great one.

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