Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas Day on Sunday

Several articles were published today confirming that some Evangelical Mega-Churches will not be having services on Sunday, December 25, 2005 due to Christmas Day falling on a Sunday. Where's the outrage over this spiritual fauz paus? Well, we can find it at the anchoress, and it is implicit in this article in the New York Times.

The anchoress brings her catholic perspective to the situation, and as I explained to a friend the other day, most Catholics have services on Christmas Day each year. The point is that a worship service is held and the opportunity is available for all those wishing to worship on Chritmas Day. For those who want to shut out all things secular and to focus for a few minutes on the deep sacred meaning of these winter days, Christmas Day worship is a priority.

It doesn't make anyone any less Christian for not attending services due to family committments, other plans, or a personal choice. However, the integrity of the church is at stake when we allow anything beyond a natural disaster to cancle worship services.

This latest decision to forego Christmas Day worship confirms that the mega-churches have allowed themselves to become an arm of secular society. By playing and singing all of their popular music (sometimes with secular texts and meanings) and serving as apologists for the gospel, these churches have lost the significant meaning of most religious holidays. The music that they call "contemporary christian" is nothing more than recycled pop sound sometimes with videos that can compete with Britney Spears.

For many of these mega-churches, the fourth of July is a larger "holiday" than Christmas or Easter. A quick google search reveals many articles on resplident services "celebrating" the fourth of July as a part of the liturgical year. It seems that some churches have turned the spiritual world upside down.

More later.......but until then remember the words of this famous carol:

I heard the Bells on Christmas Day
Their old familiar carols play
And wild and sweet the words repeat
Of pease on earth, good will to men.

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