Thursday, December 15, 2005

Carol Burnett in Once Upon A Mattress: On TV!

UPDATE: The New York Times has a wonderful artilce on the movie today.
There is also a wonderful preview in The New York Daily News.
The USA Today also has an interesting article. The author fails to understand that the role of Queen Aggravain was always the largest role in the show and is therefore a perfect role for Ms. Burnett at age 72.
The made for TV Movie of the Mary Rodgers musical ONCE UPON A MATTRESS will air this Sunday night at 7:00pm. on the ABC Television network. ONCE UPON A MATTRESS has long been a personal favorite of Broadway musicals as I remember it being on television (in black and white) with Carol Burnett as Winnifred the Princess in the story of The Princess and The Pea. Subsequently, I portrayed the character of the minstrel in the Anderson University Production in 1983. None of the two earlier telecast versions are avialable in any format today, so this remake of the classic production will be a welcome addition to the theater archive. Further, it is hoped that with Carol Burnett as the central force behind this production, the integrity of the libretto and score with its' original intent should be intact. The original 1959 production propelled Ms. Burnett into international stardom and her wildly popular television series in the 1960's and 1970's.

ABC Media has a smorgasboard of information about the made for television movie. There are great photographs, detailed biographies, and long lead story on the movie.

This Playbill article
tells casting information (released more than sixteen months ago) including information about Matthew Morrison who portrays Sir Harry in this production.
This is a Playbill article on Dennis O'Hare who stars in the movie as Prince Dauntless. His work on Broadway in Take Me Out, and in Sweet Charity earned him great acclaim.

This is a fascinating column
quoting Mary Rodgers the day after the 1996 Broadway Revival closed after playing only six months at the Broadhurst Theater. Additionally, Mary Rodgers speaks of her lyricist, Marshall Barer following his death in September 1998.

Theater Mania
provides us with a glimpse of the Museum of Radio and Television at 52nd Street and Fifth Avenue on Manhattan showing of the 1964 made for televsion Once Upon A Mattress.

The Movie Trailer is avaiable at The New York Times.

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