Friday, December 16, 2005

Bill Maher appears on Larry KingLive!/Gets Nominated for "The Carnival of the Insanities"

Hopefully, you have had the pleasure of reading "The Carnival of the Insanities" as published by Dr. Sanity each Sunday. I have a "big time" nomination this week, and I trust that it might make the list.

Bill Maher appeared for the full hour of Larry King Live! on Thursday, December 15. There are several quotes which have earned him this prestigious nomination. Just look at this first exchagne with Larry King.

KING: What do you make of the president's tour, the victory tour, making speeches, media appearances, et cetera, and he's gone up in the polls?

MAHER: Yes, well because he's finally admitting that he made some mistakes. He showed a little humility, which is nice for a lot of us who didn't like him from the beginning to see and those people who have over the time he's been in office realized he wasn't the man they thought he was. It's nice to see that.That doesn't mean it fixes anything, you know. He's just admitted what we all knew from the beginning. You know this administration is always kind of a, you know, they do the right thing after they've exhausted all the possibilities of doing the wrong thing.

Mr. Maher expresses his expertise on the Katrina disaster in this next colloquy with Larry.

KING: All right. What will happen to those who are -- what's in New Orleans? How do you see a way out of here with FEMA and people still out of their homes and back and forth on sending invoices?

MAHER: You would think that the president, man, he has got to come up with some sort of strategy to get his head out of his ass. You would think that after the debacle of the immediate storm when FEMA didn't show up that they would be so on the case in the follow up. But even that didn't happen and it just shows you that, I'm sorry, but these Republicans, I wouldn't say all Republicans, but this crowd in this administration they don't know how to govern.

In the next exchange, Bill Maher comes close to naming his favored candidate for President in 2008.Does Mr. Maher truly believe that there is no liberal party today?

MAHER: Well, you know what, I think the Democrats have some people. I mean, I like, you know, Biden. I like John Edwards. I like Wesley Clark. But again, they're going to have to come out and be the liberal progressive party. They can't go down the road that the last two elections have led to their disaster. They can't try to be just Republicans of a different name.

KING: You're doing that as an analyst, because earlier you said you weren't a liberal.

MAHER: Yes. Well, I'm not -- what I said is I'm not liberal on everything. But I do think that we need to have the balance that we used to have in this country where there is a liberal party. We used to have a liberal wing in both parties. There was a liberal wing, as you will recall, of Republicans.

Next Mr. Maher spins out a whopper of "blame America first" rethoric.

I think America needs to hear more of that. I think America's big problem, and I bet you most Canadians would agree with this, is that America needs to get over itself. Really. I mean, this nonsense I hear constantly coming out of Americans about, it's the greatest country in the world. First of all, how would you know it was the greatest country in the world? Have you done a study of the health care program in Denmark compared to ours? Or the tax program? No, you haven't. You're just saying that. You're just pulling it out of your behind. It's so silly and it's so childish to have to be the greatest country.

Maybe it's just the greatest for us. I'm not moving anywhere. I like it here, but to say it's the greatest country in the world -- it's like saying, I have the greatest wife in the world. Not just the greatest for me, but everybody else. If everybody else could get rid of their wife and have my wife, they would do it in a second! Because I've got the greatest wife in the world! It's silly. It's childish, and it leads us to bad places when you have that kind of hubris.

The final insult came late in the program with two almost unbelievable statements. The entire quote is in bold to emphsize Mr. Maher's words.

MAHER: Yes, and that certitude, I mean, this administration, which I'm sorry to say, I know you don't like to talk about this, but only comes from a religious background when you are that sure of things. What does that lead to when you are so sure of yourself? When you are so sure that everything comes from God?

Maher: And maybe the next time Americans go to vote, they won't vote for the guy who they want to have a beer with. You can say what you want about Al Gore and John Kerry, they were readers. They read things. They knew things about other countries that he didn't. Maybe he would have gotten that idea before this caller did. And the Bush administration idea in Iraq has always been, there's the bad guys. Well, it's not really good guys and bad guys. It's Sunnis and Shiites, right? And the people there seem to have a loyalty to their tribe and their religion much more than to democracy or another way of life. It's sort of like asking the Red Sox fans to vote for the -- to root for the AL East, you know? That's just not where they are.
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These liberals never disappoint mainstream conservatives from middle America with their ability to create a reality that must exist only on either coast in America. Here's a toast to Mr. Maher's unstoppable nomination!!

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Anonymous said...

This is funny, I read Maher's comments and I think, "EXACTLY!", not "insanity!". I mean, especially, the "greatest country" a white, educated person in this country,'s the greatest for me, but really, if you were a poor, unskilled black person, I'm sure you could find any number or countries that would be better for you. There's always worse, but there's always better too. Nothing is 100%, life ain't that black and white unless you live in Republican land.