Saturday, October 29, 2005

"A Season of Discontent?" I Don't Think So!!

Last Sunday on Fox News Sunday, Juan Williams stated that, "we seem to be in a season of discontent." Without a doubt, Juan was referring to the plethora of inside the beltway topics being discussed on the panel moderated by Chris Wallace. Juan's boiler plate analysis from a liberal talking head is nothing new, in fact, the liberals have spent much of the last twenty-five years since Ronald Reagan's first inauguration trying to tell the American People that things are worse for them than could possibly know. Manhattan liberals and snobby Washington DC elites are often reprehensibly out of touch with real Americans as they function inside their artificial hypobaric chamber lacking in any small dose of reality. To witness this "bubble of unreality," one must only give a cursory glance around the cable news channels and watch Chris Matthews and other hysterical journalists panting in breathless anticipation this week to tell us the latest "news" from a collapsing White House. To Juan Williams and all the talking heads in Washington we have a message: from out here in Red State Country we aren't experiencing any season of discontent. In our busy lives, there simply isn't time to wallow in your liberal, Kool-aid induced season of discontent.

While counting on the notion that we the people need the elite liberal politicians and talking heads to clarify the picture for us, citizens are dealing with real life issues that make them unavailable for Juan Williams contrived season of discontent. The frantic left-wing journalists were the first ones on the scene to start telling us of George Bush's failures in Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. Yet, when was the last time you saw or read a story updating you on the progress in these red state stricken areas? While the sleazy, tabloid networks and cable news outlets move on to their "season of discontent" regular red state Americans are struggling to put their lives back together. The media attempted to capture the attention deficit disordered minds of their superficial audiences with hyped stories of disparaged minorities in New Orleans. The media largely ignored Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida because their Republican Governors took responsibility for their states and worked well with the federal government to provide real relief for their people in helping them rebuild shattered lives. But the real point is that the residents of these devastated areas are facing real live tragedies with courage and strength that are not easily made into a rallying-cry to bash President Bush.

Moreover, there are other events which demonstrate that most of middle America is not participating in the synthetic season of discontent.

  • Friday's news conference by Patrick Fitzgerald was more notable for things he said and for the things that didn't happen.

  • Conservative Blogs are getting more and more attention everywhere and all the time.
  • Paul Begala actually told the truth about something.
  • Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination.
  • A New Justice is on the horizon.

    It will be interesting to see what intellectual gems emanate forth from Juan Williams and the other liberal talking heads this Sunday. Undoubtedly, they will be trying still to convince America that the Valerie Plame case is about the flawed case for war, and running their decades old play trying to convince us that we exist in an eternal season of discontent.

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I guess the red states didnt pay $3/gallon. Didn't have FEMA arrive 5 days late, didn't have bankruptcy laws that put sick people in jeapordy, (wait till you see what happens when they figure out the medicare law, thats great for everyone except old people.)All these great laws for red states under a repub. pres,congress and judiciary. . gee I wish I lived in a red state.