Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Explosive News on the Miers Nomination....WOW!

Eric at Red State has an explosive article this evening. His reporting is a revelation on the entire matter. There seems to be a melt-down underway at The White House. They are in a desperate mode to sell Miers. Calling Edith Jones and Janice Rogers Brown: are you still available??!!

This fabulous column details the job of the Chief Justice. The article is a timely, well-researched and definitive description of the constitutional role of John Roberts, and is also timely.

James Dobson hasn't really helped with Miers nomination although the White House appears to have enlisted his help. The Judiciary Committe has threatened to call Mr. Dobson to testify. His comments were not ready for prime time, and now he has attempted to explain his remarks. More likely than not, he has added fule to the fire. Read all the links: they are worth it!

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