Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Condoleeza Rice: Diplomat and Politician Extraoridnaire!

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is probably the most effective person in the Bush administration alongside Vice-President Richard B. Cheney. Her testimony today in front of the senate Foreign Relations Committee was stunning it its’ boldness, complexity and insight. Her exchange with Barbara Boxer shown on Fox News was priceless. As Dr. Rice clarified the picture for the members of the committee, it became increasingly obvious that her perspectives and intellect are politically and intellectually superior to the grandstanding senators.

In her over three hours of testimony, Dr. Rice proved to be both combative and pacifying. Condi is a brilliant woman, and she demonstrates it every time she goes up on the hill.

Condi for President in 2008! I think that this rumor has a lot of good in it! Condi for Vice-President right now! (May God Bless Dick and Lynne Cheney)
Be sure to catch everything over at the political teen. He is wonderful. Check out my other posts on Ian Schwartz.

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Saint1943 said...

Bravo! Condi for President! I really enjoy your blog and I am glad that I incouraged you to start it.